2 John - Bold Love (intro to 1 John)


An inevitability of close, faith-based relationships is faith-based conflict.  When it happens, how do we deal with it?  How do we determine what is true?  What do we do when truth and love seem to compete?  John's letters are often regarded as messages of love, but when one of John's churches faces major theological debate, his answer for how to love may surprise you.   

Sermon Notes: 

  1. If Jesus is the Purpose of Everything… why is he so easy to forget?
  2. When you see your fellow believers forgetting
  3. SECOND John, before the First.
    1. Understanding this short letter.
    2. John’s three short, direct points: Practice Bold Love.
  4. Bold Love
    1. What is Bold Love?
    2. Why is Bold Love so… scary?
    3. Why is Bold Love so… important?
    4. Bold Love’s Prerequisites
  5. The Boldest Love of All

Rev. Mike WrightComment