What's Baptism all About?

Surely one of the most debated and divisive issues within the Christian family of many denominations and non-denominations is BAPTISM.  

It's a strange thing we do, this baptism.  Sometime near the beginning of a Christian's faith-life (when is a matter of debate), we (who performs this ceremony is a matter of debate) get them wet with a certain amount of water (how much is a matter of debate), and tell them they have a new identity (the meaning of which is a matter of debate).  

In the next couple months, we'll host some discussions about baptism.  We'll present the viewpoint of this particular church, which understands baptism in a covenantal context (don't worry, that sentence won't make much sense to many people before we have this discussion).  

The truth is, we've been putting this off too long.  But we've got a problem: whatever it means and however it's done, Christians for 2000 years have treated baptism as one of the most important moments in a Christian's life, and in the work of the community of Christians called the church.  Jesus told us to baptize people as they became disciples.  The day the church was born, 3000 or so people repented of their sins, put their faith in Jesus, and got baptized.  To this day, in some parts of the world, people put their life at risk when they get baptized.  But when we don't really understand it, we either do it flippantly, or we don't do it at all... and neither of those options honor the command of Jesus.  

So, what questions do you have about baptism?  Think about what it means to you.  Think about your own baptism story, if you've been baptized.  Let's work on this together!  

Rev. Mike WrightComment