Are You Ready?

It's Friday of the first week of working in our new office at the Life Center on Datura St.  We had our first Sunday of worship in this place 5 days ago.  

And here's the difference, because of the ministry of the Life Center and sharing the parking lot with Love INC: Drop Ins are through the roof.  People curious who we are, what we are, what this thing is all about.  So many who are interested in visiting the church on Sunday.  

Are we ready?  No, we could never be on our own.  But by the grace of God, and his Spirit working in his people, we can love more, serve more, pray more, and do more than we would ever think possible on our own.  

If you're a member of LCC, pray with me.  Lord, make us ready.  We're not under a curtain any more - though this is not our building, God is exposing us to Littleton in new ways.  Are we ready to give the gospel in word and deed to our neighbors?  Here's what I say about the people of LCC: yes you are.  Speak it bold.  Offer relationship.  Make room in your schedule to come alongside people.  I'm seeing the first drops, but I think quite a shower is on the way.  Our God is ready.  

Rev. Mike WrightComment