Elder Nominees!

Hello Church Family,

In early March, we took an exciting step as a church: we opened the "elder nomination" process to our church members.  When you become a member here you earn the right to choose your own leaders. We're growing in how we empower one another to do so. 

Because so many excellent people were nominated, we decided to talk to every person who received more than one nomination (kind of like a "motion" and a "second," for my fellow Robert's Rules nerds). That narrowed our list to 5 nominees.  When we approached the 5, all were very honored, but 2 of them evaluated their lives right now and humbly recognized this was not the right season for them to serve.  

In our service on May 1, we announced the other 3 nominees: Mike Carstens, Dave Rhodes, and Caitlin Osterbrock.  After meeting with them and their spouses, the elders are happy to add our recommendation to all three: these people would be great elders! (To learn more about our position on women as elders, please read THIS BLOGPOST). 

But that's not the end of it: You, the members, have the responsibility and privilege to discern who God is calling to serve as your elders. We will hold a congregational meeting on May 22, 2016 after our service (including a potluck lunch and childcare) so that the members of the church can examine each of these and vote.  Mark your calendars! 

Please pray for Mike, Dave, and Caitlin they prepare to be examined and, if the members see fit, join the Session of Littleton Christian Church.