Summer at Littleton Christian Church

Starting this evening, Littleton Christian Church has granted me (Mike) a 12 week sabbatical.  You can read my earlier post about it for details.  It is such a generous gift and I hope to use it well.  

Before I go, I want to share with you the exciting plans Littleton Christian Church has while I'm gone.  I believe the next 12 weeks will be a time of great fruitfulness for this church, and I hope you join in!  Of course the basics are there: every Friday you're invited to gather at Gallup Park for a BBQ Picnic (starting at 5pm), every wednesday you're invited to all-church prayer at the Life Center at 6:30am, and every Sunday you're invited to gather at the Life Center for worship (starting at 10am).  We have decided that the church will study the book of Galatians this summer - since we are passionate about keeping the gospel central, we decided it's high time we study Paul's most passionate letter about keeping the gospel central.  

Here's what you can look forward to this summer: Interactive worship!  We'll be learning rhythms of prayer, confession, statement of belief, and service.  In addition to that, I'm excited that we'll hear from such great preachers as Stu Fuhlendorf, Derek Resler, Rick Whitfield, Rev. Sue Bailey, Dr. Chris Hull, Mike Carstens, and Sean McKelvey.  This group of people brings expertise and passion to their study of the word.  

I've been praying that LCC take active steps toward engaging gospel-life together this summer.  Will you pray that with me, and jump in?  Also, please pray for the elders and ministry directors as they take on new weights of leadership: Our elders are Bethany Forberg, Greg Horstman, Wade Haufschild, Chuck Swanson, Mike Carstens, Caitlin Osterbrock, and Dave Rhodes.  Our ministry directors are Jordan Hurst, Kelly Haanen, and Rebecca Sahr. 

I love this church and will deeply miss worshipping with you all.  September 25 will be a sweet reunion for me!!