Do you have these gifts of the Spirit?

God is calling us to take some big steps.

Beloved church family, we can't see over the horizon, but the elders, staff, and I can sense that we are in the midst of some big steps as a church. There's a way you can help.  First, we need everyone to pray - particularly for the lost, but also for greater faith and boldness for our community.  

We have these specific needs: 

  1.  Evangelists: If you have a passion for sharing the gospel with those who don't know it, I need you to come talk to me. Email me back, find me at church, come talk to me, or call me at 720.482.1462 x3.  Your gift is an ember that God is going to use to start a bonfire here.  
  2. Event Planners: If you love organizing events and have a particular skill in helping them run smoothly, we need your help.  You can email me and our gifted Administrator, Rebecca Sahr ( 
  3. Intercessors. If you are a prayer warrior, someone who "can't not pray" throughout the day for God's big kingdom purposes, you are carrying another ember necessary to start this bonfire. Email me, call me (720.482.1462 x3), come talk to me at church. 

I believe some of you have these gifts but don't realize it. God knows what he's given you, and he'll show us or you or both.  Perhaps right now, you could stop and ask: Lord, have you given me these gifts? If his answer is yes, come tell me. 

Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name.  LET YOUR KINGDOM COME!!!

-Pastor Mike

Rev. Mike WrightComment