The Bible Might Not Require Christians to Tithe...

Christians: how do you decide what to give to your church, the work of the gospel, and those in need? Below are links to two articles with opposing viewpoints on the topic of tithing.

This article by William Barclay says Christians must tithe.

This article by Thomas Schreiner says Christians are not required to tithe. 

Are you led by the Bible and the Spirit in your choices, or by your own needs/fears/legalisms/greed? Let the gospel be your rule: Because Jesus Christ gloriously sacrificed all for us, we are free to live and give sacrificially to the church and to others, that he may be glorified all the more. Whether Barclay or Schreiner is right, it's worth considering passages like Acts 2, 4; Romans 12; 2 Corinthians 8-9; and 1 Timothy 5-6. These show how early believers applied both the OT guidelines and the fulfillment of Jesus to the matter of financial generosity and contribution to the church.

And if this article somehow reminded you - led by the Spirit - to give to the work of the Gospel at Littleton Christian Church, you can do it here

Rev. Mike WrightComment