Glorifying God - NCC Q6

After 5 questions we've established repeatedly that God is the creator and he created for his glory - and that it is right that we who were created by God should live to his glory.  Okay... so, how? 

Let's start with a cliche: Live in light of God. That means, live like he's real, like he's alive, like he's aware of you, and even present with you. Like he's the one keeping you alive, the one caring for you in your trials, and more.  If all that's true, there are two critical words that guide all our connection with God for his glory.  They are: 

"Thanks" - Below. you'll see that enjoying and loving God are the first two words of guidance for those seeking to glorify him according to the catechism.  Test this out: the more you pay attention to things to be grateful about, the more you'll enjoy God and the more you'll love him. Start where you are - if you are drawing breath, thank him for it.  If you have clothes on your body.  If there is someone you'll see today who values you.  Start with what you know.  

"Help" - The next two steps the catechism gives for glorifying God are trusting him and obeying him (I can't figure a good reason to list will, commands, and law as three different things...any ideas? I digress).  But God does not leave us alone in this.  He gives us the ability to trust him.  He gives us the ability to obey him... if we ask.  God designed us to flourish when we are dependent on him.  This is not a human-to-human interaction, where love is helping someone become mature and, in some measure, "independent."  God grows us continually in our actively passive dependence on him.  

Make it simple: Thanks, and Help.  The rest follows.