5 Worthwhile Prayers for your children

How do you pray for your kids? How do you pray for those in your care? That they'll be successful? Happy? Consider these 5 prayers that will draw them close to Christ: 

1.     Pray for conviction of sin. If Question 13 and 14 of the New City Catechism are right, the only true path to knowing, trusting, and loving God is through conviction of sin. This is the same as inviting the Spirit to come – his work is to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

2.     Pray they’d be free from the need for others’ approval. When Adam and Eve stepped away from trust in God, they were immediately left evaluating one another, clinging to the other to meet needs only God can meet – this search is now hardwired into our hearts, and leads us to run from God and his best for our lives.

3.     Pray they’d experience God as rewarder. On the flip side, the best gift we can give our kids and all those who we care for is to know joy of serving and loving God. He is his own reward, and he gives himself to us fully through Jesus Christ.

4.     Pray they’ll gain love for God’s Word. In Psalm 119, David asks simply: how can a young person keep their way pure? By living according to your word. But again, our deepest love for the Word comes as we begin to see that it is fulfilled most completely in Jesus.

5.     Pray they’ll submit themselves to God. As we discover the goodness, freedom, and beauty of God in the Gospel, we begin to discover the truth that the best life possible is one submitted to him.  Again, this requires the gospel: on my own, I’ll never submit! But through the gift of the Spirit, sent by the crucified and Risen Lord Jesus, my eyes are opened and my heart is filled with life that I may turn to him.