We Asked Your Staff, with Kelly Haanen

Get to know a different staff member every month in our ongoing series called "We Asked Your Staff"!   So that you can know them better, we will be featuring even more staff fun facts and their replies to some serious and not so serious questions that We Asked Your Staff.

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What one word best describes your life right now?

Decisions (as in, we have been making a lot of big decisions lately)


The scariest thing I’ve ever done was:

Give birth to my firstborn. Terrifying.



My childhood gave me:

Assurance that I was loved and accepted


Any pets?

Um no. But the pressure from the rest of the members of my family has been mounting. We are likely to have a puppy join our family soon.


An unexpected area of expertise:

Well, I speak Spanish. We spent a year in Ecuador and I taught middle school Spanish for five years.


A song that make you cry:

That song “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman. Always gets me.


Bucket list holiday destination:

Hawaii. (when there isn’t a volcano erupting)


First Bible verse I memorized was:

Philippians 2:1-4


Favorite season in Colorado:

Spring. Seriously nothing beats the sunshine, new life, new growth and perfect temperatures.

If you saw me out and about in Littleton, I’d be (activity):

Driving my kids around… I honestly feel so lucky to have our church, preschool, friends, parks, rec centers, soccer fields, coffee shop, bike trails, swimming pool and favorite places to eat only a couple miles from home. We adore this neighborhood.

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