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The Ministry of Worship
Led by Stephen Newhall

At Littleton Christian, worship is much more than 20-30 minutes on a Sunday service.  Worship is a condition of the heart. We were created to worship, which means without God, we elevate all kinds of other stuff. But, worship was intended to be a living response to who God is and what He’s done for us.

We want to be a community of believers that holds each other accountable to worshipping God, and not anything else. We can worship in a corporate setting such as a church service, in a small group setting, in times of private devotion, and in the ordinary tasks of our day.

Our rhythms and practices of praise, lament, confession, assurance of pardon and communion and sending can set the trajectory of all the worship we do in our lives, so we are very intentional about shaping our liturgy around the gospel of Jesus. In fact, everything we do as the people of God is ultimately about the worship and praise of God. This value extends far beyond our “worship” gathering on Sunday. It should penetrate deep into our homes, workplaces, and schools. As a community, we want to be driven by our desire to worship God with every aspect of our lives.

In scripture we see tons of different expressions of worship and we have the opportunity and freedom to express these things fully in our love for God, together. You can expect to see all of these expressions of worship as a part of our lives at LCC