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Tithes and Offerings

You may securely donate to Littleton Christian Church online using a credit/debit card by clicking the button below.

“Wait, wait, wait… Littleton Christian Church is asking for my money?  Why?”

There’s a lot to say about this topic, but right here we’d like to offer a few simple points:

  1. The Bible describes financial contribution to one’s worshipping community as an act of worship in and of itself.  Why?  First, because we believe that whatever we have has been provided by God, so our gifts are a way of acknowledging that and thanking him for what he’s given us.  Second, because our financial choices directly reflect what we value, so we can make the choice to give as a way to say: God, I value you and what you are doing in the world.  
  2. You give because you believe in the ministry and mission of Littleton Christian Church.  Ministry and mission operations have costs associated with them. We have a team of incredible staff who have profound callings on their lives; your gift helps us support our staff so they can do what God has called them to do.  We pay for our space in downtown Littleton so that we can be a faithful presence to this community.  We are partnered with some very exciting ministry locally and globally.  It’s amazing how far God stretches each dollar.  
  3. You give because (if you’re a member or committed attendee) the health and vitality of Littleton Christian is, in a spiritual sense, your own health and vitality.  That commitment doesn’t stop with money!   

But why give online?  Setting up a recurring donation is one of the easiest ways to support and care for the church, and establish the discipline of giving in your own life.  Things happen: we forget our checkbook on Sundays, expenses come up, etc.  But if the Bible’s guidance is right, our financial gift in worship is to be the first thing we do with our money - an online, recurring donation can help you maintain that discipline and not have to think twice about it.