Littleton Christian Church is mutually submitted to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination, particularly our region, called the "Presbytery of the West."  We are an elder-led church, with congregation-elected elders who serve 3-year terms and meet monthly to pray, discuss, and care for the congregation.  The church exists to celebrate and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ as we love God, love each other, and love the world.  The Elders exist to ensure the appropriate advancement of this mission as shepherds of the flock God has entrusted to us.  The staff exists to facilitate Gospel application and celebration in the church and implement opportunities for the church to grow in love of God, each other, and the world.

Our Staff

 Rebecca, Catherine, Stephen, Rachel, Kelly, Mike

Rebecca, Catherine, Stephen, Rachel, Kelly, Mike

Rev. Mike Wright - Pastor


When I first came to this church as an awkward 15-year-old, I could never have dreamed what God had in store, that I would have the privilege of joining the staff 7 years later and the joy of serving here ever since. This group of people confirms my belief that Jesus established and built the Church to represent his rule and his love to the world. Joy piled upon joy for me when Erin became my wife in 2010, and as our family continues to grow among this great church family.

This church has become an extended family for me over the years, and I love to see my family grow in all sorts of ways.  I love this family’s extended family - the EPC and the Body of Christ in Littleton.  

Stephen Newhall - Director of Worship and Hospitality

Wanting to stay near the familiar during my college years I found myself at Taylor University, where I graduated with a degree in Biblical Literature. Following graduation I felt a change of scenery was in the cards, and moved to Littleton for Denver Seminary. It was one of the best decisions of my life, and I am so blessed to have been able to receive my MDiv from such a special place.

I love this city. Since moving to Colorado in 2014 I have only called Littleton home, and I certainly don’t anticipate that will change anytime soon. Truly, it is an amazing community in which to live, play and work, but nothing compares to the deep joy I feel from spiritually investing in this place. I believe LCC has been, is, and will continue to be significant proponent of health in our city, and I am amazed that I have been welcomed into that process.

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Kelly Haanen - Director of Children & Family Ministries

It is a privilege to serve as the Children's Director at Littleton Christian Church! I love being a part of this body of believers. The kids and families of this church are a gift to me. I have a passion for partnering with families to see young hearts and minds grow to love Jesus. 

In my days before kids, I studied education at Valparaiso University where I met and married an amazing man of God. After graduating my husband and I spent a year studying and serving in Ecuador. We moved to Colorado (cause apparently that's what everybody does) in 2006. I taught Spanish for a few years before joining the staff at Littleton Christian.

My husband Jeff and I live just down the road in Littleton. God has gifted us with four beautiful daughters, Sierra, Lily, Alice and Cora. We love learning and growing and exploring God's beautiful world together.

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Rebecca Sahr - Director of Finance and Care

When my husband, Jeff and I walked through the doors of LCC, I never dreamed that God’s plan for me was to become a member of the leadership team, but I’ve been on board since 2014.  After many years at the corporate level in the communications industry, it is so fun to work in a church environment.

Money is one of the most talked about topics in the Bible.  I take my responsibilities managing the Giving and Expenses for LCC very seriously.  I find it an opportunity to pray for our members, represent my beliefs publicly and honor God with accurate financial reports.  I run my own accounting business, supporting small businesses, so working at LCC is a great fit.

Meeting the care needs of our body via the Alongside Team has been a growth area for me.  At LCC we have an awesome group who prays over each need request and then responds in the best way we can offering a hand up not a hand out.

The essence of LCC comes home to me every time our adult daughter visits, as she is totally embraced by our church body as one of our own.  Through the decades of my Christian life, I have experienced a lot of different facets of the faith walk. Living in Littleton for 30 years has made me realize how blessed I am to be a part of this community.

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Catherine Pue - Director of Administration and Communication


I love living in Littleton and being a member of Littleton Christian Church!  I have a background in theater and radio, and while being a mom keeps me busy I have had many opportunities in freelance admin, writing and marketing.  I am thrilled to be utilizing my skills and experience here in service to our church body.  You will often see my husband Ryan doing music on Sundays, or one of our kids in various places on campus.  It’s a pleasure to serve LCC with my family.

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Rachel Brennan - Youth Director

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and went to Taylor University in Indiana. I got a BA in Biblical Literature and now I’m at Denver Seminary working toward my Master’s of Biblical Studies in Old Testament. My dream is to teach Hebrew and Israelite history to college students. I want to encourage a passion and love for the Old Testament in students just like my college professors did for me.

I love hanging out with middle and high school students, I think they’re so cool and worth so much more time and attention than they’re typically given by adults. I’m so grateful that I get to hang out with the youth at LCC!

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