By god’s grace and through partnership with parents we exist to foster in students a love for Jesus, the church, and an understanding of the gospel.



the youth team exists to facilitate gospel application and celebration in the youth group and implement opportunities for the students to love god, love each other, and love their neighbor.

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Love God.

We meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM to worship God together. The first and third Sundays are spent in the service with the whole congregation. The second and fourth Sundays are spent in a Bible study as a group. On those Sundays we remain in service until the assurance of pardon is spoken over us and return to join the church in taking communion.


Love each other.

We have monthly events to play and deepen our relationships. We have parties, go on scavenger hunts, and share a lot of laughs.

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Love our neighbor.

We strive to find opportunities for our leaders and students to love our city in tangible and effective ways. It may be serving pizza at a city-wide picnic or spending an immersion weekend with service organizations in Denver.