Dashed Hope (Matthew 27:57-66)


Matthew 27 and Psalm 89 end on the same note: It looks like God has not kept his promises.  In Psalm 89, Ethan the Ezrahite recounts the promises about the line of David and how there is now no Davidic King on the throne.  As Matthew 27 comes to an end, the distant descendant of David, the one who claimed to be the Anointed King, was dead and being sealed in Joseph of Arimathea's tomb, with Mary and Mary watching.  When hope is dashed, what do we do? 

Sermon Notes

1.     High Hope

2.     Wavering Hope

3.     Dashed Hope

4.     Responding to Dashed Hope

a.     The example of Palm Sunday

b.     The example of Ethan the Ezrahite

c.     The example of Mary and Mary

d.     The example of Joseph of Arimathea

e.     The Good News

Rev. Mike WrightComment