Hearing Our Mocking Voices (Matthew 27:27-44)


 Looking at Matthew 27:27-44, it becomes readily apparent that Matthew wanted his readers to focus more on the mockery aimed at Jesus than the physical torture he was experiencing.  And everyone mocks him: Roman soldiers, passersby, Jewish leaders, even the criminals hanging on crosses next to him!  What is behind our mockery?  And what need does our mockery reveal?  

Sermon Notes

  1. Intro: Jesus’ Weakness and People’s (feigned) Strength
  2. The Many Faces of Mockery
    1. Roman Soldiers
    2. Passersby
    3. Jewish Leaders
    4. Criminals on crosses
  3. The Root of Mockery: Enmity
    1. James 4:1-10
  4. The Mockery of Mockery
    1. Isaiah 44:9-17
    2. Colossians 2:13-15
  5. The End of Mockery
    1. Colossians 2:16-19
    2. Romans 5:8-10
Rev. Mike WrightComment