HIS-tory, Part 3: The Promise Keeper (Genesis 12-50)


Starting with a normal guy named Abram, living on the other side of the river in Haran,  God begins what he calls a mission to "bless all the nations of the earth."  How will he do it? Through the nation that is born to Abram.  Obviously, this must be because Abram was such a righteous and faithful guy, right? RIGHT? Or did God want to show us something far different... something about himself??? Maybe God was about to define faithfulness in a way people could never imagine on our own.  

Sermon Notes

Today’s Reading: Genesis 12:1-3; 15:1-21

1.     Flash Forward: Joshua in the Promised Land (Josh 24:1-4)

2.     Review: Family beginnings and patterns.

3.     The Story:

a.     Abram/Abraham: Recipient of the Promise

b.     Jacob/Israel: Trickster-turned-Father

c.     Joseph: Rejected Righteousness

4.     Why would God put himself through this?

5.     A Lesson from Math and Mystery Books