Up, Up and Away! (Why Jesus Ascended) Acts 1:6-11


Acts 1 opens with Jesus Christ giving a clear command to his followers to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth, and then floating into the sky.  Floating into the sky?  What is going on here?  

Sermon Notes

I.      Welcome, Skeptics

II.     The Case For the Ascension

III.   Ascension Confusion

A.    The Restoration of Israel?  Not quite.

B.    The Holy Spirit

IV.   Ascension Clarity

A.    Philippians 2 - the “Christ Hymn”

B.    Ephesians 2 and 4

C.   Colossians 3

D.    Hebrews. All of it.

V.    Ascension Beneifts

A.    Entry

B.    Justice

C.   Courage

VI.   Ascension Witnesses…

A.    Foolish people

B.    Faithful King

VII. Ascension Hope

Rev. Mike WrightComment