How To Fix the World (Acts 3:11-4:4)


You'd be shocked too, if the crippled man you saw every day on the way into Temple was jumping around, hooting and hollering.  You'd want to know what was happening too.  Why is this healed man clinging to that Galilean, Peter?  Peter stands up and explains... and he says this isn't merely about one miracle, it's about everything wrong with the world being made right.  By the end of his speech, the authorities are dragging Peter to prison... what did he say? 


Acts 3:11-4:4

1.     Understanding What Someone Believes

a.     How did the world get here?

b.     What, if anything, is wrong with it?

c.     How does the wrong get fixed?

2.     What the Jerusalem Jews Believed

3.     Peter’s Crazy Answers