HIS-tory, Part 5: God Gives His People a Holy Identity (Exodus – Deuteronomy, Part II)


In the Evangelical world, one of the worst accusations we make against one another is of "legalism."  With that, we tend to overlook the Law that God spoke to his people in the Sinai wilderness... and therefore miss out on understanding a critical piece of God's heart and purposes for his people.  Without it, our understanding of Jesus would be woefully incomplete.  Let's reconsider what the Law really is! 

Sermon Notes

1.     Tragic Misunderstanding of the Law

2.     What is the Law, really?

a.     The Identity of the people,

b.     Specifically, their HOLY identity,

c.     Established through Heavenly Boundaries.

3.     Exodus, the where of holy worship

4.     Leviticus and parts of Numbers, the how of a life of holy worship

5.     Deuteronomy, the why of a life of holy worship

6.     Jesus, the completion and fulfillment of a life holy worship