HIS-tory, Part 6: Joshua and the Conquest of Canaan

HIS-tory, Part 6: Joshua and the Conquest of Canaan 


After several centuries, the promise to Abraham in Genesis 15 was finally coming true.  The Israelites were moving into the promised land, west of the Jordan River, the land of Canaan. Just one problem: Canaan is full of Canaanites.  Here contains one of the bloodiest periods in Israel's history.  What is God doing here?  Why is he fighting against these innocent people?  Why is he showing favoritism to Israel?  Hear the story anew.  

The Battle Belongs to the Lord (and He’s Not Fighting For You)

I.               Rocks and the Stories They Tell

II.             God in the Story: He’s Not Fighting For You

III.           Holy War? Ethnic Cleansing?

IV.           The True and Better Conquest