HIS-tory, Part 8: A King to Govern Us (1 & 2 Samuel)


Samuel, the prophetic judge, was a breath of fresh air for the people longing for a stable, godly leader. When Samuel appoints his wicked sons to replace him, the people can stand it no longer: this "judge" thing isn't working! Give us a king!  Disorder, chaos, and our own wayward hearts create the strangest tension in us: Like Israel, we long for a king.  Like Israel, we reject the king.  See the need for a king afresh through the lives of Saul, David, and Solomon - the only three kings to reign over all Israel.  Like Israel, all kings but one leave us wanting more.  


1.     The Longing for a King

2.     The Successes of the Kings

3.     The Failures of the Kings

4.     The Rejection of the Kings

5.     The Inadequacy of the Kings

6.     The True and Greater King