HIS-tory Part 7: Right Belief (Judges/Ruth)


Now that the people have "conquered" the land, it's time to get settled and organized... a task at which, as we see in the book of Judges, they fail miserably.  Instead, they are stuck in a cycle of sin and idolatry, needing rescue, having a short time of rest, and then right back into sin.  Who will break this deadly cycle? 


I.               Three questions to answer every time you open the Bible:

a. What does this tell me about God?

b. What does this tell me about humanity?

c. What happens when these two collide?

II.             Disbelief—The disease

a.     The root of apostasy isn’t behavior, it is belief.

III.           Disobedience—The symptoms

a.     Orthodoxy produces orthopraxy.

IV.            Deterioration—The trajectory

a.     The spiral downward is difficult to reverse.

V.              Deliverance—The Gospel

a.     Jesus loves you with a pursuant persistence.