HIS-tory part 12: Birth of the Church (Acts and Epistles)


The book of Acts opens with the disciples and the resurrected Jesus having a critical conversation: "Lord, is this the time when you will restore the kingdom of Israel?"  You see, Jesus' resurrection meant the reviving power of God was about to sweep through the land.  It meant a new era had begun.  But what this actually meant for the disciples they never could have guessed. Jesus was about to breathe new life into the world: he was about to give birth to the church by the power of the Spirit.  Birth TO US! So... who are we?  

Sermon Notes: 

Getting our Bearings: Looking back at Babel, Abraham, David… and JESUS.

Galileans Staring at the Sky

Pentecost and 3000 New Believers

What Happened?

The Message about Jesus and his Kingdom Spreads with POWER

The Message breaks through human boundaries

The Kingdom that comes with the Message makes other Kingdoms mad…

Their Story, OUR story, His story.   

Rev. Mike WrightComment