HIS-tory, Part 13: Means and End (Revelation)


Many people read Revelation as a scary, imaginative, and heavily symbolic description of the end times.  While this is not entirely inaccurate, we miss the even more significant description of the Story of God that takes place here - the gospel outside of time.  Revelation is not fundamentally a description of end times, but rather of the purpose and centerpiece of history: it is a revelation of Jesus, the hero of the story.  We see the final state: we don't worship Jesus in order to achieve some other pleasure; worshipping Jesus is the ultimate pleasure in and of itself!  

Sermon Notes: 

I. Means to an End?

II. Pastor John on the Island Patmos 

III. The Story of Revelation:

  1. A Letter to churches who are just like us.

  2. The Ceremony of the Scroll

  3. The Reading of the Scroll 

  4. Worthy is the Lamb Who Was Slain

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