The Foundation of Fellowship (1 John 1:1-4)


John's first letter to this church (2 John) challenged them to confront those among them who were teaching that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh.  It seems the confrontation went poorly... now they're not sure who they are or what to believe.  And so John opens his longer letter meant to encourage and support them with a simple claim: true fellowship depends on the incarnation of Jesus - we need him to mediate!  Here we explore why that is, and how it works.  



  1. Bold love broke us apart... now what? 
  2. John's response: Go to Jesus, and rediscover true fellowship. 
    1. He mediates: Closer with a mediator than without? 
    2. He sacrifices: Bridging a gap between us that we could never cross. 
Rev. Mike WrightComment