We Asked Your Staff, with Mike Wright

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Get to know each staff member in our ongoing series called "We Asked Your Staff"!   So that you can know them better, we will be featuring even more staff fun facts and their replies to some serious and not so serious questions that We Asked Your Staff.

What one word best describes your life right now?

Sweetness (Not saying I’m sweet. No, I’m a fish swimming in oceans of sweetness).

The scariest thing I’ve ever done was:

How to choose? Here are a few scary things:

  • Become a father

  • Confession… every time.

  • Confront people I deeply admired

  • Flee a lightning storm on a 14er

  • Barrel into “The Arctic Enema” (Tough Mudder obstacle… it wasn’t that bad, but I sure thought it would be!)

  • Run from a gang in downtown San Francisco (The particular man who chased me for blocks probably still laughs about it….)

My childhood gave me:

  • Faith

  • Generosity

  • An ideal for marriage/family

  • Freedom to be creative

Any pets?

Erin and I like to say we love OTHER people’s dogs. Really. Dogs are amazing. Just not dogs that we have to feed, train, clean up after, and account for when we leave. We have a beta fish whose name has never been fixed, so we call it “Fishy.”

An unexpected area of expertise:

What is it about questions like these that make your mind go blank? Am I an expert at anything? Hardly. But, there is card game called Set. I won’t say I’m the best in the world at it. That would be arrogant! I’m just better than you or anyone you know.

I used to be pretty good at throwing a frisbee (but you might be better than me).  And I can diffuse a wide variety of kid-crises with a goofy joke (not sure how long that one will last; and it only seems to work on my kids, so you won’t find it on my resume).  Turns out, when someone bonks their knee, offering to surgically remove the knee makes the pain dissipate instantaneously.

A song that makes you cry:

Daylight, by Brave Saint Saturn.

Bucket list holiday destination:

If circumstances ever allowed me to get back into regular skiing, there are a few mountains I’d like to tackle (Whistler, Jackson Hole, Telluride). Otherwise, I’m a sucker for a sunny, lazy day at the beach.

First Bible verse I memorized was:

Ooof, no idea. Maybe Philippians 4:13? Though as a boy I was pretty sure that was a promise of superpowers…

Favorite season in Colorado:

Since circumstances don’t let me ski in this season of life, there’s no contest: Late Spring - Early Fall. The season of eating outside, going on walks, lots of sunlight… that’s it!

If you saw me out and about in Littleton, I’d be (activity):

If alone, I’m probably at Spur. If with my family, we’re probably at King Soopers or one of the parks.


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